Friday, March 5, 2021


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Trump Announces He’s Going as Mid-Level, Truly Hilarious and Handsome Comedian for Halloween

"Can’t you let him have his fun? He has been looking forward to this all year."

Hannity Summoned to White House to Soothe Trump’s Anxieties Over Mueller Charges

"I don't start any job unless I know I'm going to finish."

Republican Pretty Sure Harvey Weinstein Story Exonerates Donald Trump

LAC TÊTE DE MERDE, MICHIGAN -- 35-year-old Republican voter Bo McGriff doesn't consider himself a partisan, or an ideologue, and not just because when we...

President Trump Regrets Never Convincing Hugh Hefner to Put Ivanka in His Magazine

"I was never able to get him to put my lovely First Lady in the pages of his magazine."

Ivanka Reminds Feuding Mommies No Matter Who Is First Lady She Is ‘Daddy’s Bottom Bitch’

Me-owwww! Things are heating up on the lame new reality-TV political show, President Donald J. Trump! Sparks are a flyin' between President Donny Trump's current...

Hollywood Exposéd: Harvey Weinstein

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- It’s a Hollywood Tradition going back to the Silent Film Era. Big-Time Producers sporting the Smallest Dicks in Tinsel Town. Producers have...

Can You Guess Which of These Big Time Hollywood Stars Literally Shits Ice Cream?

Living in Hollywood has its perks. Being a big time Hollywood celebrity has some even better ones. Like crapping ice cream, for example.
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