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Don Jr Mocks Hunter Biden For Having a Dad Who Loves and Cares About Him

It would appear that for the next two weeks or so, the Trump 2020 campaign will not relent in its attacks on Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Many political insiders are scratching their heads at this strategy, however, wondering why the president and his surrogates can’t seem to present a cogent argument in favor of Trump and his administration, and have instead pivoted to attacking Biden’s son.

“Honestly, part of me wonders if Trump knows he’s running against just Joe, or if he thinks he’s running against the whole Biden family,” one Hill staffer told us. “Maybe he thinks since he’s dragged Ivanka and Jared into White House roles, every presidential candidate must behave that way. I’m not sure, but I have seen polling that suggests millions of Americans have been convinced not to vote for Hunter Biden.”

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With just about two weeks to go until Election Day, it would appear that Team Trump is fully committed to the Hunter Biden angle. Today, during an interview on OANN, Donald Trump Jr told viewers his father helped him “understand how worthless parental love and support is.” Trump Jr then viciously mocked Hunter Biden because of leaked texts reportedly from Joe Biden to Hunter, giving words of love and encouragement to his son who was battling addiction at the time.

“What kind of cuck accepts love and support from their father? Honestly,” Trump Jr cackled. “I mean, maybe we’re just old fashioned in the Trump Klan, but we don’t love and care for our children. We just give them money and pay to cover their lifetime of fuck-ups. Hunter Biden has a father that loves and cares about him, and the American people need to decide if that’s the kind of family they want representing them.”

Donald Jr assured the OANN host that his father “doesn’t love any of his kids.”

“If it’s some limp-noodled libtard who loves his children you want, sure, go ahead and vote Biden,” Trump Jr. opined, “but if you want a real man, who is unafraid to tell their kids what shamefully disappointing pieces of shit they are to their faces, and in front of all their friends at summer camp, then my daddy, PRESIDENT DADDY, is the candidate for you!’

This morning, President Trump backed-up his son’s mocking of Hunter Biden and told reporters “only cucks need love and support from their father.”

“I don’t love any of my sons, and I barely love one of my daughters,” Trump explained. “I think telling them, reminding them every day how much I don’t love or care about them has really helped make them the clearly well-rounded, successful, non-grifting, not-white-collar-crooks around.”

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