Sunday, April 18, 2021

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GOP Congressman Glad Trump Left All the Kids in Cages So He Can Blame Them on Biden Now

WASHINGTON, D.C. — When former President Donald Trump left office this past January, Rep. Tom Thompaulsen (R) told friends and family at the time that he was gravely concerned about the situation with separated migrant children that Trump was leaving behind.

Because of Trump’s infamous “zero tolerance policy” that required border patrol to separate children from their families when crossing the border without documentation, several thousand children were ultimately placed in facilities separated from those who attempted to enter the U.S., and by the time he left office, there were still several thousand children who had not been placed back with their families.

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Since taking over, in January, the Biden administration has yet to announce how many of that initial group, separated by the Trump administration, had been re-housed with their families. Adding to the chaos and turmoil is the fact that a new surge of unaccompanied minors has forced the Biden administration to put the thousands of children in places not designed for their long term care. Now that photos have begun to emerge of the conditions in the facilities run by the Biden team, pro-MAGA media personalities and politicians have pounced, insinuating that Biden’s reversal of some Trump era policies is why the surge of migrants has reached a “crisis” level.

Initial waves of concern over unfinished business quickly washed away this weekend for Rep. Tompaulsen, though. That’s because he says he realized that he and his fellow Republicans can “go back to how things were” before Trump was president when it comes to speaking about immigration, and immigrants, in general. However, it was the realization that he and the GOP can now blame Biden for the situation that really cheered him up.

“Oh man, I was really kinda worried there for a minute. I kept wondering what I would have to say to people about the thousands of kids our guy just left there,” Thompaulsen said on Fox News this morning. “Thank God we all realized we can just literally turn right around and blame Biden for everything! It’s like the arsonist blaming the firefighters for not pre-dousing the fire. Genius, huh?”

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