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Hollywood Exposéd: Harvey Weinstein

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA — It’s a Hollywood Tradition going back to the Silent Film Era. Big-Time Producers sporting the Smallest Dicks in Tinsel Town.

Producers have money. They have the power. And most of them can achieve erections with no visible evidence.

David O. Selznick’s (Gone with the Wind) pecker defied scientific explanation and Jerry Bruckheimer (Top Gun) physically must pee sitting down or else piss gets everywhere.  Brian Grazer’s (Bowfinger) cock is frequently mistaken for a belly button and Kathleen Kennedy (Star Wars) doesn’t even have one.

They say “The Cream Rises to The Top.” Too damn true!! And Hollywood loves them some cream!

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A special ceremony was held at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills this last Sunday and Harvey Weinstein received the golden crown. The Producer’s Guild of America named the former Miramax Mastermind the King of the Cockless. Recent allegations of sexual harassment gave Weinstein (executive producer of the upcoming Michael Moore/Donald Trump documentary Fahrenheit 11/9the needed edge over the rest of the field.

Weinstein- who produced important films including Scary Movie 4, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D and Pulp Fiction– is a small-dicked, insecure prick that has abused his power for decades.  No one thought “The Casting Couch” was a real thing. Who would actually be that pathetic? Ol’ Harvey is that pathetic.

Many women have been brave enough to expose him and it looks like it’s working. Weinstein was fired from his own company late last week and The Elite is coming out to show support to the victims. Thankfully the cockless can go hide in their holes or start acting like human beings now as the King has finally been Crowned. Let’s sit back and watch him destroy his kingdom.

He has five daughters. Imagine that. You have five daughters and you treat women like that. He’s a talking russet potato.

And his latest film 47 Meters Down is available HERE on Blu-Ray and DVD

Editor’s Note: Fuck Harvey Weinstein. He’s a tiny, little man. A chain-smoking sack of shit. An abusive pig.


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