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Man Shares Inspirational MLK Quote Right Before Calling CRT “Racist Marxism” in Comment Section

Social media historians are calling it one of the most interesting moments of the last half-decade.

Today, as the country celebrated Martin Luther King Day, 45 year old out of work non-union electrician Darrel Dikchesst posted an inspirational quote from the slain civil rights icon and social justice activist to his Facebook account. Dikchesst describes himself as a “pro-MAGA, America first patriot” and said the quote he shared, from King’s famous “I Have a Dream Speech,” is one of the most important moments in American history, and he said everyone should be grateful for the contributions King made before being assassinated.

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Then, just moments later, Mr. Dikchesst commented on an article shared by thrice-failed congressional candidate and washed-up Secret Service agent Dan Bongino. The comment left by Mr. Dikchesst, indicated that he is highly suspect of, and against Critical Race Theory, which he believes is being “forced down the throat and in to the minds” of every school aged child in America.

“CRT is racist Marxism, and anyone who supports it should be given a free helicopter ride on Pinochet Airlines,” Dikchesst wrote. “Because the idea that we should speak honestly about racism in America is so beyond racist it should actually be illegal! I’m just glad my governor knows that the First Amendment should take a back seat to white people’s feelings!”

Mr. Dikchesst was later shown excerpts from speeches given by King in which he laments “white moderates” not caring enough to truly transform America from its racist roots. Dikchesst was also given several interview clippings in which King seemed to advocate for leftward, social programs that Mr. Dikchesst would usually label as “socialism mixed with full-blown Commie-ism.”

Upon reading King’s thoughts on the economy and white moderates, Mr. Dikchesst suffered a stroke and died. In lieu of flowers, his family is requesting donations to his favorite charity, The Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy.

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