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After Biden is Sworn In, Trump Will Be The 45th Most Intelligent Former President Ever

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To say that President Donald Trump undertook a historic presidential term would be quite the understatement.

Trump is the only president to never win the popular vote. While it is true that he’ll be the only man to win the presidency in his first national election, he will also the first one term president who won his first shot at the presidency. Donald Trump is also be the first president in history to be impeached and attempt re-election.

This week, the National Presidential History Society, or NPHS, announced that upon leaving office, outgoing President Trump will establish another historic precedent. At a virtual press conference this morning, Kimberly T. Smoody told reporters about the newly certified historic feat.

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“When President Trump leaves office, he will set a brand new, fresh record,” Smoody announced, “and become the 45th Most Intelligent ex-president ever. He’ll of course take that spot over from another Republican, George W. Bush. We’re still working on certifying whether Trump is the dumbest national office candidate, because Sarah Palin’s 2008 turn on as the vice presidential nominee skews our numbers quite a bit.”

Moody further explained that throughout his presidency, Trump gave clues that he might end up being the most idiotic former president in history, stupider than even some of the dimmest men who have occupied the Oval Office.

“There have of course been quite a few stupid presidents in our nation’s history,” Smoody explained, “but President Trump is by far the stupidest. Staring at an eclipse made it hard to for anyone else to move him out of the top spot, but suggesting that covid-19 can be cured by injecting bleach and shooting UV lights up your corn hole? That was pretty much the dumbest shit we’d heard a president say since we heard him talk about windmill cancer.”For many years, the dumbest former president was President Chester A. Arthur. President Arthur may not be well-known to many Americans, but during his presidency, he famously tried to convince the country that one plus one equals butter. The ensuing political controversy led to him being known as “President Butt-Whole,” and led to the brief enactment of the Presidential Mathematics Limitation Act.

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