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Pumpkin Spice in Everything? Yes, Please!!! – A Foodie Francis Report

LOS BANOS, CALIFORNIA- Nothing makes me happier than the end of summer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. I love the beach and sneak/drinking Coors Light in red party cups. Listening to tunes. Barbeques and babes. Lots of air conditioning. Good stuff that keeps you smiling.

But end of summer is the time for the best flavor-action known to mankind. End of summer means its autumn. And autumn means it’s TIME TO MAKE EVERYTHING TASTE LIKE PUMPKIN SPICE, YO!!!

The P. Spice craze started a couple of years ago at Starbucks, I think. They made a Frappuccino or latte or something out of it and it was bomb. Then other delicious stuff followed:

Cookies, beer, pumpkin pie, protein shakes, pancake batter to make pancakes, chips, Bailey’s Irish Cream but with pumpkin spice in it, Cheerios, Oreos, Cereal, Marshmallows, Ice Cream, Yogurt and Gogurt- FTW.

It is everywhere. The Pumpkin Spice Season is a like yummy tasting chemical warfare and count me as one that loves getting my face melted off by it.

Here’s a recipe to Do It Yourself AKA “DIY” Pumpkin Spice

Now, as some of you know, I am a man of extremes. I’m not afraid to go skydiving. Make sure to watch all the UFC. I have 6 tattoos. I’ve made out with more than 10 women over my lifetime. I don’t just put the petal to the metal, I take the petal off and let that sucker coast down the hill.

I believe we can take this Pumpkin Spice thing further.

Next week, me and my cousin George, are going to the city council meeting here in Los Banos with a proposition for the fine men and women of the jury. We are going to formally propose that we add pumpkin spice to the drinking water of Merced County each year. Only for 3 months so that we can really get into the P. Spice Season proper.

I’m bringing a Power Point Presentation I made and George, who used to date council member Debbie Lewis when we went to Walter Mondale Middle School, said he’s gonna put in a good word with her. George says that Debbie likes Pumpkin Spice, too, so she is a lock vote.

Here is some CNN Coverage about Pumpkin Spice

The rest of the council that I must sway my way is Tom Faria (who is a friend of my dad’s), Daronica Johnson-Santos (who owns the Los Banos Bakery downtown), and Scott Silveria (he’s kinda chubby). I think for the reasons stated in (parenthesis) I can get their vote no problem.

It’s Mayor Mike Villalta that I fear. 2 years ago I was at the Walmart Supercenter with my mom picking up chips and soda pop. They had one of those sample ladies giving out pumpkin spice flavored cider right next to the “Seen On TV” section. I was waiting for a couple cups when I saw Mike Villalta come by. His wife, Trudy, said “You want some, Mike?” and Mike said “Nah, I don’t much care for that.”

He don’t much care for that? And he’s the Mayor of Los Banos. It’s going to be tough but I’ll do my best. You should come down and support me. I think that what is right and good for America (or at least Los Banos) is to celebrate our God given right to have everything taste like pumpkin pie. At least for a couple months, anyways.

The Los Banos City Council Meeting will take place the townhall October 17th, 2017 at 8 p.m. and come on down to support.

“Foodie” Francis Morgan is a stay-at-home food blogger and Fast Food enthusiast. He is an “Everyman” who eats food “Everyday.”  

Follow him on Instagram @foodiefrancis

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