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Pundit Who Spent 35 Years Turning GOP Into Cult Trump Could Exploit Has Advice On Democratic Nominee

For thirty-five years, William G. Williamson has written op-ed columns for various conservative outlets. For many of those years, Williamson was considered one of the lead thinkers in the conservative movement. He wrote pieces comparing President Bill Clinton to a full-blown communist from Moscow. He wrote pieces comparing Obamacare to full-blown communist-run healthcare. Williamson lambasted Democrats for supporting a woman’s right to her own reproductive choices, calling them “baby killer enablers.”

For three and a half decades, Williamson willingly and loudly supported every Republican candidate for president, including Donald Trump. Williamson would often argue that an “imperfect Republican will always understand American cultures and values better than a socialist, nanny state Democrat.” During the 2008 election, Williamson defended half-term Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin being chosen as his party’s running mate for Sen. John McCain.

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“She’s a dummy, sure. She’s a vacuous, talking point spewing ideologue,” Williamson wrote in one column that year, “but she won’t bring us to Sharia law. And she will support every war effort President McCain would endeavor to get us into. She would offer no resistance to gutting the social safety net and forcing the Poors to pull themselves up by the very bootstraps I’m sure their parents gave them in the form of a loan of substantial size, as my own parents did for me. In that regard, Sarah Palin is great, and Joe Biden is clearly a commie socialist.”

Mr. Williamson wrote effusively about how wonderful Ronald Reagan was. If it the person in question was a Republican, Williamson devoted paragraph after paragraph lifting them up. Conversely, he lambasted and vilified Democrats daily, calling them “amoral,” “godless,” “anti-gun and anti-freedom,” and all sorts of other pejoratives. In 2016, Williamson made the case that Trump was an “imperfect standard bearer of Republican and therefore American greatness.” He told his readers they can and should take a chance on Trump instead of the center-left Hillary Clinton who he said was “pretty much Satan with tits.”

One could argue that for more than three decades, Williamson helped create the political atmosphere that would allow for President Trump to grab hold of the GOP and turn it into his very own cult, with Trump himself standing at the pulpit, or in this case his Twitter feed, barking commands at his minions. For that, Williamson says he’ll “always feel a little sad.” He admits now that he was “probably pretty wrong” about Trump, and in the cold light of day, he said that 2020 is an important referendum on Trump’s presidency, and he says it’s “absolutely vital” that the president not win re-election.

To that end Williamson, the man who has spent the better part of his adult life blasting Democrats and every policy they proposed, now has some very urgent advice he’d like to give them. Williamson wants to have a say in who the Democrats nominate, and he has no problem inserting himself into the discussion. Unlike former Tea Party Republican Joe Walsh, who ended his presidential bid last week and told the press he’d be supporting the Democratic nominee no matter who they were, Williamson says he still has a “duty” to help guide the Dems away from a socialist or a candidate who is “too liberal.”

Williamson admits that his past columns might make him someone whose opinions liberals and progressives might not value, but he says they should still “prick up their little socialist commie ears and listen” to him.

“Sure I never supported your fight for lifting poor people out of poverty before, and sure,” Williamson concedes, “I still shit-talk everything you want to do to help the working class but c’mon! Listen to me!”

He can even see how supporting Palin “no matter what” and trashing every Democrat as someone to be distrusted, despised, and hated was “problematic.” However, Williamson still believes his input on the 2020 Democratic nominee is “vital and necessary” to be heeded.

“Okay, yeah, Sarah Palin was a bad idea, and in hindsight we may have trashed every left of center Democrat as a socialist before,” Williamson wrote, “but now’s the time you really have to listen to our opinions as if they’re facts!”

At end of it all, Williamson is worried that electing someone who is “too far left of George W. Bush” will be devastating for the country because elected Republicans won’t work with whoever that candidate might be.

“I’m worried that no one will work with Bernie on any of his proposals,” Williamson mused. “Sure, Republicans wouldn’t work with Ronald Reagan if he were a Democrat right now, but still, listen to the words I have to say and care about them, won’t you?”

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Writer/comedian James Schlarmann is the founder of The Political Garbage Chute and his work has been featured on The Huffington Post. You can follow James on Facebook, Spotify, and Instagram, but not Twitter because Twitter is a cesspool.

James Schlarmann
James Schlarmannhttp://facebook.com/JamboSchlarmbo
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