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Trump 2020 Ad Uses Stock Footage of 1930’s Germans to Represent MAGA Supporters

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Trump 2020 Campaign admitted today that they resorted to using stock footage in place of actual supporters. It’s the second time in a week that the campaign to re-elect President Donald Trump has been caught doing such a thing. Late last week, reports surfaced that an ad that was supposed to feature various Trump supporters was actually just stock footage of actors. This morning, Trump campaign official Joe Gerbells was asked by reporters if a new ad released by the president’s re-election team, also features stock footage.

“Tracey From Florida” gushes, “President Trump is doing a great job. I could not ask for a better President of the United States of America.” However, “Tracey” is actually “Young woman smiling and walking at the beach” from a 2015 stock video available at a nominal price from istockphoto.com. (LAMag)

“Of course it does,” Gerbells told reporters. “Every campaign does stuff like this okay? At least part of every campaign is doing the Hollywood thing where you put together slick video packages and, well, sometimes that means you gotta do things on the cheap and quickly. So we used stock footage. So what?”

Gerbells says that he doesn’t think most Americans would even notice the stock footage in the ad unless it was pointed out to them.

“First of off, it’s a pretty safe bet that your average American isn’t even going to be able to tell the difference between a MAGA hat wearing patriot and a swastika wearing German patriot,” Gerbells said. “So maybe if liberals would stop being such cucks, they’d stop caring about dumb stuff like who used stock footage of which Nazis when, know what I mean, fam?”

Mr. Gerbells also divulged that stock photos and film were used for Trump campaign commercials in the previous election as well.

“There was an ad that featured what was supposed to be Trump supporters, but we were in a time crunch so we filled a bunch of bags full of diarrhea and attached bluetooth speakers to them,” Gerbells said, “and then we had the speakers playing people reading Stormfront pamphlets, so the effect was that the audience saw a Trump rally, but on set it was just big bags full of liquid shit spewing racism.”

The Trump campaign plans to continue to use stock footage as a means of maximizing their production budgets, Gerbells said.

“Why try to find actual supporters? It’s been kinda hard, because it turns out there are real life consequences to being the least popularly elected president of all time,” Gerbells said. “It makes it really hard to find more than three or four supporters for every ten we interview. So if it means using stock footage of Nazis, or burning crosses in dumpsters surrounded by the bodies of confederate soldiers, well, then that’s what we’re gonna use. For America to be, like, even more greater again and stuff.”

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