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Trump Supporter Wants More Libtarded Hollyweird Celebs To Give Opinions On Politics Like Kanye West

COLD CAVE HILLS, TENNESSEE — Right-wing podcaster and YouTube personality Jethro Bohiggins has repeatedly told his audience that he “hates it when libtards in Hollywood preach their morals” at conservatives like himself.

Whether it’s Kathy Griffin, Rosie O’Donnell, or some other famous liberal in the entertainment industry, Bohiggins consistently sounds off whenever a celebrity forays into the realm of political commentary. Jethro argues that it’s “stupid and silly” for liberals in Hollywood to be so loud about their opinions on political issues because they “risk losing half their fans” if they do. Bohiggins has routinely called out celebs who take a stand in the gun control debate, or participate in women’s marches or marches for science education.

“I’m telling you fam, the more a Hollywood liberal elite talks, the less I think we should listen,” Jethro told his audience just last week.

But that was before rapper Kanye West tweeted in support of conservative commentator Candice Owens. West’s more liberal fans immediately took issue with his tweet, seen below, for propping someone who they believe serves people who have interests in not truly helping the African American community. West would go on to tweet that he appreciates “free thinkers” like Owens.

After reading Kanye’s tweets about and defending Owens, Jethro told his podcast audience yesterday he thinks “certain kinds of Hollyweird libtards” should be allowed to speak more freely than others.

“Maybe in the past I’ve said that all the Hollyweird celebs should shut up about politics, but I guess I just meant they should shut up about libtarded politics,” Bohiggins explained. “It’s like I’ve been saying, Hollyweird needs to shut up and celebs need to stay out of politics unless they’re racist, orange, loud, obnoxious, and unqualified. Then I’ll vote for them.”

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“There’s a reason I only listen to conservative talk radio and only watch Fox News,” Bohiggins said. “It’s because I’m not some safe space needing libtard cuck! That’s why I cloister myself away from liberal thoughts and views, so that I’m not bombarded with un-American drivel! I just need to have space in my life where I feel safe!”

Jethro says that he believes Mr. Trump and West are “two peas in a spoiled, rich, egomaniacal pod.” Bohiggins plans on buying every Kanye West album and will consider himself West’s biggest fan in Tennessee.

“Until he says something I disagree with, then I’ll call for a conservative boycott of him,” Bohiggins explained. “Which is basically when we take things we’ve bought already and burn them like books at a Trump rally. Because nothing shows libtards what’s what like flushing money down the toilet that we spent on products not knowing that some libtard was behind them.”

Kanye West did not comment on this story, because if he did, it would’ve been some long-winded, self-aggrandizing bullshit and no one cares enough to actually read anyway.

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