NRA Spokesman: “A Few Dozen Dead School Kids Is A Literally Small Price To Pay For Freedom” (VIDEO)

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA — This week, the National Rifle Association released a video with its Junior Deputy Media Liaison addressing school shootings in which he seemed to imply that the children killed by gunfire in classrooms each year are a “literally small price to pay” to live in America.

Already this year there have been more than 20 shooting incidents on school campuses. Earlier this year, a new movement and hashtag, #NeverAgain, was started by survivors of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School in Parkland, Florida. The buzz generated by the movement has sparked an ongoing dialogue ever since, and just this week yet another shooting — this time at a school in a town near Houston, Texas, saddened Americans nationwide.

The NRA and its lobbying arm have become the subject of much of the #NeverAgain movement’s messaging. The gun rights and manufacturer lobbying group has been compared to terrorist organizations by various liberal celebrities and activists because of its steadfast obstruction of most, if not all, proposed firearm legislation. Some of the NRA’s most prominent spokespeople, like NRA-TV’s Dana Loesch, have come under extremely sharp criticism for taking money from a group that doesn’t seem to value the safety of children over profits, and Fox News host Laura Ingraham lost the majority of her show’s sponsors when she mocked a Parkland Survivor on Twitter last month.

Cash Gachette, the NRA’s Jr. Deputy Media Liaison, is seen in a new video released by the NRA this week speaking about school shootings, and some of their proposed “solutions.”

“Which is mostly nothing,” Gachette says about what the NRA wants to do to combat school shootings, “but let me explain why.”

Mr. Gachette says in the video that “no government agency has ever established for certain fact” that school shootings are a problem that needs society’s attention. He reasons that guns and freedom are so inextricably entwined that doing anything to reduce the number of guns on the streets is a “blow against freedom.”

In a bit of sad irony, as the video was being released, word broke of yet another shooting on a middle school campus, this time in Indiana. Mr. Gachette and the NRA were not able to be reached for comment on that shooting, however.

See a clip of the NRA’s Cash Gachette speaking about school shootings, below.

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